Ikkatdoor is an outcome of industrious efforts by all stretches of imagination. The traces of its roots can be found deep inside the old and fanatic lanes of Benares.
Ikkatdoor is the brainchild of our constant and unstoppable efforts for past two decades in this industry. 20 years of high end experience right from the scratch of designing, crafting, weaving, manufacturing and distribution led us to the virtual idea of Ikkatdoor in the current times of digitization. We are in the thick of things right from designing, weaving of fabrics, printing & dyeing, cutting & sewing and producing a finished article and now to the marketing of our products for which Ikkatdoor acts as a linchpin.
Ikkatdoor hinges on our valuable experience at multifold levels in the textile and handloom industry. We are in direct and constant touch with our local artisans and weavers who are at the helm of manufacturing affairs all day long. Our products are indigenously developed in our own inhouse units.