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Success Saga

It all started in mid 2017 right from the scratch, when we all huddled together and weaved a dream of taking this bandwagon called “Ikkatdoor” to new heights with our persistent efforts.

We as a team of “Ikkatdoor” left no stone unturned to stand against all the odds and find our feet well-grounded in this era of cut throat competition.
Amidst the chaos and hustle- bustle of digital world, “Ikkatdoor” silently crept into the corners of e-commerce in digital arena without any unnecessary glitz and buzz and made a prominent reckoning of it’s brand value in national as well as international market both. Although, the growth is in initial stages but the way ikkatdoor has added value to it’s identity, especially on national basis amid all the competition, from being a completely unknown entity to reaching the doors of households and fostering the shield of large customer base with full customer satisfaction is indeed a great and unbelievable achievement.
Just over a short span of 5 months, ikkatdoor catered to the needs of variety of customers living in far reaching distances from all over the country and connected them to it’s carefully nurtured network of women’s clothing. Not only this, we also provided our services to some international clients and ended up selling almost no.of pcs to all the customers in just over 3months of proper trade functioning. That itself marks the milestone which ikkatdoor reached rather cruised past successfully.
The brand and product value, the authenticity, the artistic value, the flair of well-rooted handmade legacy, the affordable quality fine tuned with the latest trends and designs as per the need of the hour, are the factors which made Ikkatdoor quite a familiar name in the households. These are the features that ikkatdoor boasts off and holds the pride in.

Now, as we zoomed past the year 2017 and has entered into the dawn of 2018, we promise to keep continuing to strive hard with our relentless and  resolute  efforts paired up with our next-level creativity to pander your needs and match up your expectations, thereby making Ikkatdoor even a bigger and well-known brand on a global level.”

Henceforth, the first glimpse of a brand new season with some exotic new collection in this new year with our rejuvenated efforts will be out very soon. So, stay tuned with us and make this bonding even a stronger and healthier one, forging a better camaraderie than ever before.

“Wishing you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year, 2018”