Fashion, Life Style

The cornerstones

Ikkatdoor is an ode to the holistic development and promotiom of our local but supremely talented artisans, weavers and craftsmen. They play a massive and pivotal part in the fabricated visual extravaganza that one can witness in our well curated collections. Hence, we call them as our “Cornerstones”!

We share a profound rapport along with a well-coordinated mutual backing and interpersonal relations with them. In order to succeed selflessly, we work neck and neck with our laborious workforce day in,day out. At the same time, we tend to preserve the dying art of handmade indigenous fabrics and rich cultural heritage of Indian handloom which are way more exhilarating and exemplary as compared to its contemporary style of machine automated production!

Our artisans and weavers are the linchpins of our concern. Their contribution soaked in the intricate set of skills is the core of our manufacturing processes sans which none of our products would have been really actualized.