Mission Vision

Ikkat Door is an initiative more than just being a commercial stride. We firmly believe in the notion of superior quality at affordable prices and ethical trade practices. Minting unreasonable amount of money can never be our prime objective. We embarked on this juggernaut to provide an impetus to our local Indian craft which is genuinely pure and rich in intrinsic value. We are so self-sufficient & well-equipped with our indigenously developed fabrics and garments that it can create a special niche for its customers.
Our rich traditional and cultural heritage contains a gallore of ideas which can last longer than today’s common and materialistic style of clothing. We want to make others believe that comfort comes first which in turn creates one’s own sense of fashion with redefined class and elegance.
We are aiming at establishing a whole new sense of fashion branding which symbolizes our ethinicity, culture, elegance and enhance one’s comfort standards with modern perspective.
We aim to be recognized as the token of trust n purity. We aspire to reach into every nook n cranny of our country, thereafter crossing various geographical boundaries leaving an indelible mark on the mindset of customers. We will continue striving to position our brand in the hearts of our potential customers, let alone the commercial market. We are committed to bring about a change by reducing excessive western influence in the market and give a firm push to a brand new fashion regime amid common trends of modern era.